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Deception:Jumia Falsely Promotes Nivea Cream with itel Phone Image

The well-known African e-commerce business Jumia is receiving criticism for a deceptive post on its Facebook page.

The advertisement in dispute features a picture of an Itel S24 phone while promoting Nivea body cream. This odd combination seems to be an attempt to trick users into clicking and buying.

When customers discovered that the product being sold was not the one shown on the https://www.facebook.com/share/p/rTUhPR9JseUwzuey/?mibextid=oFDknk advertisement, they became furious. “What’s the connection between Nivea and Itel?” a Facebook fan asked. “Jumia should stop deceiving people and be honest about what they are selling.”

Despite its popularity, Nivea cream should never be promoted with an unrelated phone image. This is commonly referred described as a “bait-and-switch” strategy by experts, drawing clients in with deceptive claims. In many nations, this is against consumer protection laws.

Jumia has an obligation to be open and honest as a major player in African e-commerce. It’s bad form to promote things through dubious marketing techniques. Gaining back the trust of customers can be challenging.

Jumia must review its advertising regulations and take tough measures against deceptive or fraudulent marketing.

Failure to do so could result in more harm to their reputation and a lasting decline in client retention. The stores that serve African customers should provide them with an ethical and truthful buying experience.

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