The Rot In Ogun Transport Sector: Read The Genesis


    The above subject matter calls for concern as the transport sector under Ogun state generates a huge sum of revenue but as it stands, to whose purse “State Government or Individual.” ?

    The supposed rot began with the transport committee that was set up by the governor, Prince Dapo Abiodun to investigate, oversee and resolve all transport crisis inherited by the immediate past administration and also proffer long lasting solution to them.

    Some of the members of that committee were alleged to have committed several atrocities which includes receiving bribes from multiple aspirant and negotiating with the highest bidder so as to get what they wanted.

    The then Chairman of the Committee, Barrister Sunday Adeniyi was said to have requested and recieved as much as #20M from one Yayi Agbara for the post of State Chairman. This is verifiable in the public domain and as at today, Yayi Agbara got the Chairman.

    It was also alleged in a social media post (especially Facebook) at that time, Hon. Akinosi diverted revenues meant for the state to his personal account. This caused serious issues towards the nomination of the said Commissioner.

    Both Barrister Sunday and Hon. Akinosi being Chairman and secretary of the said committee respectively succeeded in enriching themselves during that time and has left the sector in different chaos up till this moment.

    Till date, members of that committee despite being appointees in this government still receive huge amount of money from executive of the transport unions as a pledge of loyalty in fulfilment of the agreement reached before they got inaugurated into the positions of their respective unions.

    As concerned citizens, we will be hoping that many of this appointees that have eaten far more than they ever expected should caution themselves before they start sending bad signals to the government of the day. Many of this atrocities are unknown to the governor, except victims have the opportunity to reach him directly.

    The worst of it all is that those behind the ladder of the union find less or nothing to feed on while those at the top scramble to fulfill their pledges.

    Sodeinde Olawale
    Abeokuta South


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