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2023: When elected leaders come out poorer after their tenure, is the only way to solve Nigeria’s problem – SDP Presidential Aspirant

The Presidential Aspirant of the SDP  Adewole Adebayo has said that the only way Nigeria can succeed in government is when elected leaders come out five times poorer after their tenure.

The 2023 election will make a significant impact on the Nigerian economy, going forward to curb the excesses in government spending Nigeria’s new president must bring some modesty and sanity to the lifestyle of public officers.

The prestige of the presidential office is unparalleled in Nigeria, as are the perks. Nigerian politicians are by no means entitled to a life of luxury simply by their position.

The Ondo-born prince acknowledges that the essence of being in government is to serve and not to be taken care of, he posited that it will be a landmark legacy for generations unborn.

in his words “The measure of success in government should be the improvement of lives and livelihood at the lower echelon of society, and not in the enrichment of self-serving public office holders”.

In a country where 62% of the population lives in extreme poverty, a Nigerian senator takes home roughly £1.1m every year in salary plus benefits.

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