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5 tips to make 69 position a mind-blowing session

Trust us that it can be a lot of fun in the beginning! However, after a while you’re just kind of pounding away and things have a way of becoming routine.

But using these tips we share with you below, you’ll never have to worry about doing it wrong.

1. proper hygiene

Good hygiene should be a rule for pretty much any sexual activity. There will be times when you just want each other regardless of how sweaty, dirty, or messy both of you are. However, the first rule is the most essential when it comes to 69. If you maintain everything clean on a regular basis, then you should be safe when a surprising oral sex happens. Just keep everything clean and smelling nice.

2. Give more than you receive

Sex is always a power game where one person usually gives while the other person takes. These roles should switch between partners to maintain balance. You can teasingly pause for few seconds but do not be lazy. The more you receive, the more effort you should put into making her climax pretty hard.

3. Set the rules

Some people (especially those who share similar body types) have no trouble whatsoever flipping the script and taking the opposite approach. In general, the person who is on the top usually dominates and dictates the pace and intensity of the 69. However, to make it work, the person who is usually dominant should be laying on his/her back while the usually submissive partner should go to the top to lead. This change of roles may bring a little bit of excitement to the action.

4. A pillow for support

Everyone who has already tried the 69 position will know how easy it is to strain your neck, especially when you are the one on the bottom. This can make the whole experience quite negative. That is why you should have a pillow at hand. Just make sure that you place one underneath your or her head (who is on the bottom). Thanks to this your neck will be supported and you will be able to really get into the action.

5. Both hands should be used for stimulation

One of the biggest problems that people face when it comes to 69 especially those who do not have a lot of experience with oral sex is that they always forget they have hands. They just try to do all the work with their mouths. However, using your hands and fingers to mix things up can really change the experience in an instant.

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