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Artificial intelligence won’t ever be able to comprehend this one thing

Artificial Intelligence will never be able to truly understand the feeling of some human emotions, a humane technologist told Fox News.

“The more integrated AI gets into our lives, the more we will see a difference between human and computer,” Alexa Eden, a humane technologist at AlgoAI Tech, told Fox News. “And one of these impenetrable differences will be human emotions, as well as empathy, intuition and other intelligences only humans have.

“Empathy is not anything that AI will ever be able to really, truly understand. If you were to get into a shared Uber with a couple that was just fighting and it was silent in the car, you would feel that there was tension.

“Many of these emotional and energetic experiences are not something that can be translated to words or code.” 

AI has successfully scanned ultrasounds, been utilized by U.S. military forces and completed law school exams in recent months as the technology has seen widespread adoption. 

However, some technology titans such as Tesla Founder Elon Musk and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak have advocated for slowing AI developments, saying rapid expansion could threaten the industry.

Representatives from OpenAI, Microsoft, Google, Apple and more are meeting to discuss how to develop AI responsibly this week. 

“So if we are not slowing down at the beginning and making the right choices about how to utilize it and how to best serve humanity with it, it will be beyond our capacity to rein it back in,” Eden told Fox News. “When you have humans at stake and you have the future of humanity at stake, it requires a deeper consideration of where we’re going.”

Some in the AI industry, including Eden, have said that machine learning could pose a threat to humanity. 

“What’s so awesome about artificial intelligence is the amount of data it can process in a quick way, but that’s also scary,” she added. “So what we’ve been used to in the past is maybe running full speed ahead at new innovations, but AI does that automatically on its own.” 

Generative AI, like ChatGPT and DALL-E, which create new information like text responses or pictures based on user inputs, also pose new challenges for the tech industry, Eden told Fox News. 

“On a political level, on a mental health level, on a social level, on a financial level, there are implications to big tech and big data, and we’ve learned the hard way over the last decade,” she said.

AI should always be focused on developing humans and forwarding humanity, Eden told Fox News.

“ChatGPT, for example, is a generative AI, and it’s generating new information based on certain inputs,” Eden told Fox News. “But we also have to double down and invest in human intelligence.”

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