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‘Chrisland Schools Are Attempting Cover-Up For My 12-year-old Daughter’s Death’ – Father


Micheal Adeniran, the father of the 12-year-old student at Chrisland School, who died during the school’s inter-house sports activities at Agege Stadium, Lagos State, has alleged a cover-up of his daughter’s death.

The father of the deceased told Naija ews that the school management has begun a closed-door meeting with the Lagos State commissioner of Education, Folashade Adefisayo.

This comes after Folashade averred that the death of Whitney was due to a combination of factors, including parenting and societal issues.

Displeased with the statement, Micheal Adeniran reiterated his decision to get justice for her daughter and those responsible for the death must be brought to book.

He said: “The chrisland schools are doing all they can to sweep the killing of my daughter under the carpet. And they have begin with a closed door meeting with the commissioner of education. I read in blog news where the commissioner said the circumstances surrounding the death of my child is due to parental and social issues.

“Is this how the people in power treat their citizens?. Is this how the big and the mighty kills and destroy innocent souls and destroy those we call leaders of tomorrow? . …. media please I need justice for my daughter. Chrisland business is about to continue as usual . And the death of my child forgotten and those responsible for her death are allowed to roam the street freely.

“Its will not happen. I will not allow this to happen not in this life. I am calling on all Nigerians and all media. Chrisland is killing our children. Its might be my turn today who knows who is next. Above us the letter sent to all parent of chrisland and below is the blog news that talks about the visit of school official to the commissioner of Education. My big question is how is the killing of my child by the school administration a societal issue?”

Update On Autopsy

The communique issued on Wednesday disclosed that the PTA leadership of the school has paid a condolence visit to the family of Whitney to sympathize with them and assured them they are not alone in this difficult time.

It further stated that an autopsy is currently in progress to determine the cause of the tragic incident while urging every party involved to remain calm pending the outcome.

The school has also declared a 5-day mourning period across all Chrisland Schools and the modalities for the symbolic act in honor of the late student will be communicated to all management levels.

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