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Father’s Day With Verve

Father’s Day is here again, and thoughtful brands are going all out to provide unforgettable experiences for their customers. Verve cardholders are in for a treat, as the brand has curated special offers to celebrate fathers this year.

If you have a Verve card, Naija’s Agba and Odogwu Card, and would like to take advantage to celebrate your father or the father figures in your life, come closer and let me fill you in on all the goodies you can treat them with.

Invite them over to your place so that you can catch up on old times while you Netflix and chill, hold on a second, if you haven’t paid for your Netflix subscription, now is a great time to do so but just make sure you use your Verve card for a hassle-free experience.

So, you are probably done watching your favorite blockbuster movies and would like to grab some food at your favorite restaurant, right? Well, when you are done eating, please use your Verve card to avoid stories that touch. Remember, the plan is to give Daddy a treat and not to stress him.
From the restaurant, pop into a store and do some shopping for your father, let daddy go home with some goodies ok? Don’t worry, I’ll recommend a store where you can get discounts just by being a Verve card holder. Absolutely cool I know but I am not letting the cat out of the bag yet so just keep reading.

Just in case you see an Addide store on your way home from the restaurant, be smart enough to stop by cos you’ll be happy you did, yep….the cat is out, get 10% discount every time you shop at any Addide store near you champ. We know the economy is hard so take advantage of these freebies from Verve.

Okay, Daddy is probably tired and didn’t drive down to yours, order a ride and be sure to use your Uber wallet topped up with your Verve card for that Uber cool convenience.

If you are a father and your children are too young to give you a treat, treat yourself, Daddy, life is too short oh, better still you can send mummy a reminder for Father’s Day, *wink*. Tech daddies y’all are not left out too, Verve got you. Use your Verve card to pay for your Facebook ads, YouTube Premium and all other subscriptions on Google Play Store such as LinkedIn, TikTok, etc.

I know, Father’s Day will end and then you’ll start to wonder what else or next? You can keep using your Verve card at the POS, ATMS, supermarkets and pay for most of your web-based subscriptions in the most convenient way ever. If you do not own a Verve card (I mean Naija’s Agba and Odogwu Card), I don’t know what to say to you but better late than never! Run to your bank and pick up yours now!

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