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How popular Real Estate Mogul, Adron homes & properties allegedly defraud customers!


Adron Homes has been called out, as its customers took to social media to lament their awful experiences with the real estate firm.

The customers, who had purchased properties from Adron Homes, complained that the company failed to deliver on its numerous promises, including the allocation of lands even after payments had been made.

Some of the customers also accused Adron Homes of using deceptive marketing tactics to lure customers into purchasing properties, such as promising unrealistic returns on investment.

”Adron Homes is a fraudulent company. They allocated a piece of land in Shimawa, near the RCCG area, and gave a complementary bag of rice and keg of groundnut oil. Shimawa had experienced a developmental boost due to the presence of the Redeemed church. However, years after almost completing the payment, Adron Homes reallocated the land to an entirely different area, a proper tropical rainforest. This action seemed like a breach of agreement, so we decided to back out and requested a refund. Unfortunately, their terms and conditions booklet is heavily loaded in their favor, which protected them. They charged a huge percentage of the money as a default fee and even demanded we return the bag of rice and keg of groundnut oil we received before they refunded a ridiculous amount…” one of the customers, @Engr_Series, wrote.

”Adron wey collect money for my hand and tell me told me to oay 1.5m for development fee on half plot i just kuku dash dem d money Adron na fraud,” @vantundenani wrote.

However, while many people continued to share their awful experiences with Adron Homes, others spoke glowingly of the real estate firm.

”Actually I have seen, both local and overseas guys that buy and build. As an architect I have also designed, supervised and built houses for clients in Adron homes. I think the best advise is just pay your money in full, collect your land where you paid for and start building,” @aramitunji wrote.

Another Twitter user, who ruled out insinuation that Adron Homes is fraudulent, attributed people’s bad experiences with the real estate company to their inability to ask questions and read their terms and conditions.

”In simple truth, Nigerians love the idea of living in an estate, and, the state of the earth’s infrastructure and the serenity of the real estate company puts in place drives them to buy. In the case of Adron Homes, I personally took families and friends to go buy from them after reading carefully the terms and conditions. I went there and saw massive infrastructural work and I asked how the company manages to put all these amenities such as concrete roads, drainages, dedicated power supply, and other amenities I saw when I was taken on inspection I was told one has to pay for the infrastructural charges to build and I agreed cos I can see what I’m paying for and why it was necessary. I intend to build and resell some acquired plots of land just when it’s ripe for reselling. The problem is that people don’t ask questions,” @Bodmas18_ wrote.

In response to what he described as an unestablished accusation of Adron Homes, one of the company’s marketers, who pleaded not to be mentioned in this report said that a lot of people don’t have an idea of how real estate works.

When asked if it’s true that people don’t get their lands allocated to them after payments, the marketer explained that Adron Homes has a policy that only those that are ready to build get their lands allocated to them.

”We don’t allocate lands to people until they are ready to build, and this is a transparent policy. It is clearly written in the documents we present to our clients. This is because we marketed these properties with the promise to provide social amenities, and security, amongst other things. Tell, how do you want us to provide security for someone who has a house in one of our estates, but is surrounded by bushes because the land owners that are supposed to be his or her neighbour aren’t ready to build?” he queried.

Zuma Rock MD, Ufomadu, accuses Adron Homes of intimidation over landed property

The Managing Director, Zuma Rock Products Limited, Engr. Bob Ufomadu, has expressed serious concern over incessant harassment, threats to life, intimidation and persistent arrests by officials of Adron Homes & Property Limited, over covert moves to force him to surrender his landed property to them.

In a press statement issued by the Engineering company, the firm noted with dismay, several attempts by officials of Adron Homes in conjunction with some security officers to kidnap its Chief Executive in a bid to forcefully take over his landed property located in Shimawa, Ogun state.
Explaining the genesis of the crisis to the media, Ufomadu recalled that, in a letter dated August 20, 2020, Adron offered to relocate his farms from Ewuoje to Agerige village in Shimawa, Ogun state on the guise that his 12 acres of land is surrounded by the land already purchased by Adron.
The letter signed by the Head, Legal/Client Services department of Adron, Mr. Idris Akande,read in part, ‘Our Company is thereto very much interested in acquiring the said land in order for same to properly aligned with our already acquired land bordering and surrounding your land. We are ready to replace your 12 acres of land with 15 acres at Agerige, Shimawa, Ogun state.”

But Zuma Rock in a reply to the letter, dated September 28, 2020, said “We are yet to understand the import of such proposal to relocate us to another community, when we have not indicated any need to do so”.
“Kindly, be informed that we acquired our 12 acres of land over 10 years ago for our business purposes. We have within the period under reference spent huge sums of money at local and international levels in consultancy services for the proposed projects.
‘This much, we disclosed to your emissaries at our preliminary meeting”, the letter further stated.
Continuing, it stated, “We had already spent more than Three Hundred Million Naira (N300m) to develop the land over the years, excluding economic trees like plantain and banana as well as vegetables on the land.
“We acquired the12 acres of land from Osogayan Oromuti Oje family, 61 Isote Street, Makun Sagamu local government area of Ogun state in 2011 and we made the acquisition based on general layout produced by the family surveyor.
“We went ahead to process our own registered survey. We took possession of the land immediately and have continued to occupy the land and having peace since 2011 without any disturbance from anywhere.
“Our property is completely fenced and gated with a building for our workers. We have over the years, maintained access road to the land without confrontation from any quarters. The access road is equally used by other land owners in the area for years without hindrances from anybody”`.

He said Adron’s blocking of access road has made it so difficult to harvest their crops, thereby making the crops to rot away in the farm, urging them to open the public access for easy egress and ingress.
Ufomadu said since after their meeting in August 2020, Adron has been using all manners of threats to life and property, including ‘sms’ messages from known and unknown phone numbers, inviting us to meet the third party and so on.
According to his statement, “at exactly 8:15 am on the 16th day of March 2021, as I drove out of my house to go and drop my child in the school. Not knowing that some unknown people had laid ambush in front of my street, Otunba Runsewe Street, Journalists Estate, Phase 1, Arepo, Ogun State.

‘’As I drove out of my house gate, I noticed that there was an Adron Homes branded SUV with registration number KWL-31HC, which moved to block my path and before I knew what was happening, two hefty men jumped out of the vehicle and ordered me to wind-down my glass.
“Instantly, a second vehicle blocked me from back and the only thing that came to my mind was that Adron Homes had sent hired assassins to kill me, as we had previously refused their offer”.
He said when he saw the developing situation on ground, he picked his phone to place a call to his wife, and he was prevented, as one of them immediately jumped inside his car and forcefully snatched his phone and continued to pin him down in his vehicle.
But reprieve came, when he shouted on top of his voice and his house-help heard it and informed his wife, even as the noise attracted his neighbourhood, who prevailed on the officials, not to whisk him away that early morning.
The Warewa Police station was called immediately and their intervention saved the situation, as it was discovered that the move to arrest him did not follow due process, as there was no warrant for his arrest.

Investigation revealed that there was no authorization from any quarter to arrest him, even as the said petition was trumped-up by Adron along with other land owners.
“If somebody writes a petition against someone, is it not the duty of the Police to invite the person, does it call for any arrest, unless the person refused to honour Police invitations. They did not even invite other land owners. Why only me? Because they are desperate over my land”, Ufomadu claimed
Ufomadu claimed the Investigating Police Officer(IPO) Inspector Abu Sikiru, who is in charge of the case, may have been compromised by the officials of Adron Homes, as the Police officer deceived his legal adviser as well as his wife, directing them to go to Alagbon Police station, Lagos for the bail, instead of informing them that they were taking him to Abuja.

He said, they drove straight to Muritala Mohammed International Airport and bundled him inside a Dana flight to Abuja, which took off by 9.30pm and landed at about 10:45pm”.
According to him, one of the listed suspects in the purported petition, Mr. Kayode Johnson, showed-up at Warewa Police Station, but was not arrested.
“This goes to demonstrate how far Adron Homes in conjunction with the Nigerian Police were ready to intimidate, harass and threaten my life”, he noted.
The IPO, according to him, took him to Zuba Police Station, Abuja and dropped him in an overcrowded cell, instead of taking him to Force Headquarters, Abuja as promised.
This according to him, was meant to dehumanize and punish him, as directed by their pay masters.
“Just imagine a (4 x 4) meter cell accommodating over 30 people overnight, endangering my health, especially at this moment of Corona virus pandemic and other airborne diseases.
“The IPO was told of my health condition. Nowhere to stand, nowhere to sit, I will not wish my worst enemy to spend 5 minutes in that cell. This has caused emotional trauma and the experience would remain indelible in my mind for the rest of my life”, he lamented.
“I was later granted bail and requested to come back to Abuja on March 24, 2021 with the original papers of my land, possibly to seize all my land documents and subsequently force me to surrender the property I laboured for to Adron”, he contemplated.
Meanwhile, another land owner, Mr. Patrick Udeh, has also alleged how Adron Homes encroached on his land, erecting walls and gates around his land and adjoining plots.
He said the estate firm is using its contacts and financial power to intimidate land owners and helpless land buyers.
“I am calling on people of the mass media to help me and make my voice heard before Adron Homes exterminates all of us in order to possess our land against our will and without consideration for our rights to own properties”, he stated.

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