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Ndume to FG: ‘You can’t be loading taxes on people when you are not increasing their income’

Ali Ndume, the Senate Chief Whip, has voiced criticism against the contentious cybersecurity levy, arguing that it’s unjust for the government to impose taxes on citizens without enhancing their income opportunities.

Despite being a member of the National Assembly involved in amending the Cybersecurity Act, Ndume expressed regret for not noticing the provision that burdened Nigerians with additional taxes, despite his overall support for the Act.

Speaking on Channels Television’s Politics Today on Friday, Ndume stressed the need for income augmentation alongside taxation, stating, “You cannot be loading taxes on people when you are not increasing their income. Their source of income, you are not widening it, you are not increasing it. I am not part of those that support levying people anyhow.”

While acknowledging the necessity of amending the Cybersecurity Act to address cybercrime issues, Ndume clarified that he supported the amendment’s overarching goal but disagreed with the specific details imposing financial burdens on Nigerians.

He urged stakeholders, including civil society organizations and labor unions, to actively participate in public hearings to scrutinize legislative proposals thoroughly.

Ndume’s stance underscores the importance of holistic consideration and collaboration among various stakeholders to ensure equitable and effective policymaking, especially concerning taxation and cybersecurity regulations.

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