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Nkechi Blessing hunts for ‘MR Right’

Nollywood actress Nkechi Blessing Sunday has publicly expressed her growing anxiety over her unmarried status, sharing her thoughts and emotions on social media. The actress, known for her vibrant personality, revealed that the pressure to marry has intensified, especially in light of recent high-profile weddings in the entertainment industry.

Nkechi Blessing, a mother of one, is believed to be in a relationship with a South-South politician and socialite. Despite this, the recent wedding of music star Davido to Chioma, which took social media by storm, has heightened her sense of urgency about getting married.

Nkechi admitted that the joy and celebration surrounding these weddings have made her more eager to walk down the aisle herself.

Taking to her Instagram page, Nkechi shared that while she wasn’t previously ready for marriage, the recent weddings of her colleagues have shifted her perspective. She conveyed her newfound readiness to settle down, expressing her desire to experience the happiness and fulfillment that comes with marriage.

Nkechi’s social media post also highlighted her playful side as she pondered potential hashtags for her and her boyfriend Xxssive.

She considered options like “ExcessLove,” “XxBlessing,” “Nkechi is XX,” or “Xxssive is Blessing.” Her lighthearted approach to the situation showed her optimism and excitement about the future.

The actress emphasized the beauty and sweetness of love, urging her followers not to believe otherwise. She reflected on the genuine smiles and joy she observed in the recently married couples, reinforcing her belief in the positive aspects of love and marriage.

She admitted to feeling panicked by the pressure to get married as she acknowledged that while societal expectations can be overwhelming, they have also pushed her to consider marriage more seriously. Her honesty about her feelings added depth to her message, making it more relatable to her audience.

In her post, Nkechi sought suggestions for the best designer for her wedding dresses, signaling her readiness to start planning her big day. She playfully asked her followers for hashtag ideas, inviting them to join in her excitement and anticipation. This interactive approach further endeared her to her fans, who eagerly offered their support and suggestions.

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