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‘People Are Hungry, Nigerians Deserve Better Than A New National Anthem’ – Gov Makinde Blasts Tinubu Govt

The Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde, has described the recent re-introduction of the old national anthem by the federal government as a waste of time and resources.

Governor Makinde lamented that there are more pressing issues that would impact the lives of Nigerians better than superficial issues such as a new national anthem.

Speaking yesterday, the Oyo State Governor said Nigerians are hungry, the economy is in shambles and the government needs to focus on solving such challenges rather than chasing frivolities.

He maintained that the return of the old national anthem shouldn’t be our priority when so many Nigerians are suffering.

The governor said: “Our country is in a state of crisis, and we must act now.

“Our people are hungry, our infrastructure is crumbling, and our economy is in shambles.”

“We should be focused on finding solutions to these problems, not wasting time and money on superficial changes like a new anthem.”

“We are at a point in Oyo State and our nation where we must prioritise economic development in Oyo and our nation. As a country, we have to prioritise production, we have to be productive. There cannot production without mobilisation.”

“Our strongest resource is our people. The training and education of our people is the best empowerment we can give them.”

“We have to keep on educating our people. Let them use their God-given talents to support what we are doing in Oyo State.”

Makinde called on the federal government to urgently take decisive actions that would tackle the myriad of challenges Nigerians are facing, stating that “We cannot afford to waste any more time.”

“Our people deserve better.

“They deserve a government that is focused on their needs, not on distractions and empty gestures.

“Let us put our resources and our energy where they are most needed, and let us work together to build a better, brighter future for all Nigerians,” he stressed.

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