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Portable reopens beef with wife, Bewaji

Nigerian Street singer Portable reignites feud with his wife, Bewaji, over her Instagram post caption.

In her recent post, Bewaji declared herself as a Queen and criticized the ingratitude of some humans. Encouraging her followers to prioritize their own happiness, she emphasized how easily people forget acts of kindness.

In response, Portable lashed out at her in the comments, asserting that she is nothing without his presence in her life.

He blamed his wife Bewaji for the lack of respect he now receives from others, questioning what more he could possibly do for her and highlighting her constant state of unhappiness.

Accusing his wife of jealousy due to his fathering children with other women despite her previous claim of no more desire for childbirth, Portable rejected the idea of being controlled by her and suggested that she was attempting to manipulate him.

He pointed out that he covers all her expenses, suggested that she should leave if she is unhappy, while reminding her of the line of women eager to take her place should she depart.

“‘If they remove my name from your name you are nothing. You h*te me because another woman had a child for me. Were you not the one that said you have stopped childbearing? Everything I do for you, you are not grateful. It is my money you love. You always tell me everytime that you would leave but enjoyment did not allow you to. You are an ungrateful woman. Ask your mother if your father took care of her like I do. There are women begging me to come back. The moment you leave, you are not coming back to my house. Go if you want to go, I am not your slave”.

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