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Running A Jumia Pickup Station Gives Us Constant Turnover – Shop Owner

A Jumia partner and CEO of Brand Shop Prints, Fortune Arinze, has lauded the impact of Jumia pickup station on his business, stating that it helps maintain cash inflow during his printing business downtime.

Arinze runs an ICT firm in Abuja, that provides printing, branding, social media management, and IT management services. According to the print shop owner, partnership with Jumia has offered his business some level of expansion. His shop and office space doubled as a pickup station, while his company also has bikes that deliver food on the Jumia platform.

Commenting on the benefits of the Jumia partnership, Arinze explained that “as an entrepreneur, the major aim is to make more revenue and that’s what having a pickup station in our office space does for me. The advantage we get from this pickup station is constant turnover which is what every business needs because with our kind of business, it’s not everyday that we receive new jobs or contracts from clients, but the Jumia pickup station is a steady source of income. People pick up items everyday and everyday we deliver food also. Jumia pays for each item picked up from the station.

So at the end of the month, something must come in from Jumia. So that’s an added advantage for me. Another benefit is that it also generates a bit of publicity for us because customers walk in and we have our goods and services displayed to them.”

Arinze said he got to know how good it is to work with Jumia when he worked with one of the fleets in Abuja as a fresh graduate. “I was the logistics manager for them. When I started my own outfit, I knew how lucrative it was to work with Jumia. So I reached out to them. That was how our partnership started,” he said.

On the benefits of the pickup station to residents of the area, Arinze stated that ” it gives customers the ability to have their Jumia items close to them. There are a lot of offices around the area. So instead of you going to pick up items far away, you just come to us because we are around the neighborhood.”

The partnership with Jumia has widened the scope of his employees, as he currently has eight staff, ranging from admin to delivery agents who deliver the food.



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