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Shola Allyson writes emotional love letter to Men says ‘Your matter is dear to me’

During this last Women’s day, I and some people like me, Men and Women, had discussions about us Women and you Men and how it affects our society.

So, your matter is what we carried on our heads o!😁. Especially because we all know we can’t do without ourselves and that you too deserve to be loved, pampered, and cared for!

Well, after all the talks we ṣáà concluded that KINDNESS is what WE ALL NEED to live happily together.

But the challenge is, somewhere in your mind, programming has been coded thereby false teachings which have misrepresented what manhood is to you. Even sef, “word of GOD” has been twisted as regards your matter and you’re under some pressure you’re not supposed to be under! And you too, you can’t now think that GOD can NEVER be in a setup that doesn’t define KINDNESS. It can only “favor” you without but kills you within, check it!😒

Who is in this life that should work, work, carry boldface throughout life, and then die? Haba! That’s not GOD’S Mind for anybody! It is a lie you have been told that you must be hard on your Wife! You deserve a “soft” life too, but you have to give it to her to have it! And it is by being KIND to her.

You want that “soft” but you can’t ask for it, it makes you feel “defeated”. But are we fighting war ni?

You want to be treated in a KIND way too but because by raising and by training, KINDNESS is not at the core of your bonding with the Woman, so you do anyhow to her, by that, you too you’re getting anyhow from her. 😚

You work so hard, and you share your money from your sweat. It is noble and a great thing, BUT is it from a place of gaining control over her or from a place of KINDNESS?

Are you giving it to her so that you can be able to control her as you wish? Do to her as you like? Is that from a place of KINDNESS? Is that KIND?

Can you begin to consider giving of yourself and your money from the place of support , instead of to gain control over her?

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