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The Asset called Freedom

Adedara Oduguwa PhD

One of the most vital treasures of existence is freedom. One definition puts it as ‘the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants.’ Another describes it as ‘the state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.’ I see it as ‘ the liberty to breath, hear, walk, work, talk, pleasured and rest at will or without command from another.’

No wonder ‘money, fame and powers’ are said to be useless without freedom. Perhaps, the only thing higher than freedom in that order is life! Life, the existence of an individual human being or animal. Once there is no life, one cannot talk of freedom, aspiration, wealth, fame, and pleasure.

A man or woman that’s alive must be free to fulfill destiny. Once an individual is in a state of confinement; physical, mental, financial, emotional and spiritual, his or her jailer(s) should rejoice for his earthily destinies is closed-to-end.

Freedom is beyond the boundaries of TSA (think, speak and act), freedom is life. It’s the air to breath, the sight to see, the nose to smell and the mouth to talk. How can a prisoner exercise liberty in confinement?

You may not have food to eat or fine clothes to wear. But you have freedom to live, talk, speak and act. Be grateful to God for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual freedom, without which your life would have been meaningless.

Instead of grumbling, in that state of freedom, act!

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