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What Lagos is Doing About Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan- Lagos Chief Resilience Officer

Kehinde Adeleye

The Chief Resilience Officer (C.R.O) at the Lagos State Resilience Office, Dr. Olayinka Dania has given insight about how Lagos State is impacted by three major climate impact drivers namely ;Sea level rise, extreme heat and extreme rainfall and what Lagos State is doing about Climate Adaptation and Resilience plan.

Dr. Dania who spoke to journalist at the Balmoral Convention Centre at Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja earlier today spoke about analysis that has taken place recently projecting a $33 billion to $39 billion damage to Lagos landscape if nothing is done. She said it’s almost 12 times Lagos annual budget and that’s why Lagos has come up with an idea of Lagos State Climate Adaptation and Resilience Plan to identify about 33 climate adaptation projects that needs to implement in the state to ensure that we are climate resilient.

She made it known that the projects spans across infrastructure to protect coastal communities, Infrastructure to improve waste management services, infrastructure to improve water supply, to improve the city in terms of raising infrastructure to make sure that the schools, hospitals, homes are not flooded and are not inundated with water so as to protect the critical infrastructure that government have put in place. She projected a staggering sum of $9billion to achieve such feat.

Furthermore the C.R.O said that her office has deep dive around what financing mechanisms are available, how to access various finance models that are applicable as pre-visibility studies for some of those projects have been conducted and all efforts are in top gear in sourcing for funding to be able to implement some of the laudable projects.

She also Commends the current efforts of government in flood management in renovating and rehabilitating tertiary and secondary drainages. Government is also doing everything possible to sensitize secondary school students , government workers, artisan on the need to reduce, reuse and recycle waste and also stop the blockage of drainage systems in the state, she added.

Speaking on the program held today, she noted that the current resilience strategy was released in February 2020 and it was done through an extensive process that involves communities, individuals, businesses, civil society, organization, private sector and stakeholders engagement.

She stressed that the idea behind the forum held today was to identify the new opportunities that exist, new threats that have sprung up, mechanism that should be put in place if there are new threats whatsoever and to capture diverse perspectives of stakeholders and ensure that government can incorporate ideas generated into state policies and initiatives so as to ensure that the government is not just resilient by mouth but resilient by action.

The Lagos State Commissioner Mr. Mosopefolu George who spoke on the Resilient Cities Forum with Newsmen acknowledges the importance of having a resilient office in Lagos State being one of the biggest metropolitan area in Africa that has made a name for itself.

George Posited that having a resilience Developmental plan and resilience office is very key to the survival of Lagos State as it help to enhances resilient plan that is ready to tackle any challenges that comes up at anytime. He spoke on the recent Covid-19 that ravaged the world and how the Lagos State Government through the Resilient office was able to stand in the gap to help curtail the spread and manage the shocks that would happen from living in a mega city. He also praised the Chief Resilience officer and her team for a job well done

The Honourable Commissioner who excitedly spoke on the importance of the forum held says it’s always good to have a gathering and a forum like this because it gives the opportunity to exchange ideas, speak to stakeholders in the industry and learn. Forum like this gives us the opportunity to come back and look at the key learning points from the last one and be able to sort of develop ourselves further.

Answering questions regarding the impact of resilience to the common man on the street and the indices that Lagosians are likely to expect from this year forum, George said ” Everything we do as a state, we look at it and ensure that at any point in time, we’re always accountable and we can always go back and say, this is what we’ve done and this is how it works towards improving the lives of Lagosians. He added that the ability to continuously check oneself and develop oneself is key.

Dr. Ayo Teriba the Chief Executive Officer, Economic Associates spoke exclusively about opposing economic reality and the resilience guide. He outlined the fights and opportunities and the two kinds of threats being faced which are threats that we’ve been used to for centuries, and one which we need to familiarize ourselves with and adopt as a guide for building resilience

The Executive Director of The Sahara Center, Dr. Adun Okupe who was part of the panelists opined that government needs to come together with the academia and the community because in changing the community their is a need for plans and patience

The event was attended by senior government officials, corporate bodies, students, youths media bodies, environmental affiliated bodies and relevant stakeholders.

Culled from EaglesPath Online Ng

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