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Fortunate O. Kingsley

What is a toxic relationship? This is a type of relatioship where you are being constantly abused, either verbally, emotionally, mentally or physically.

You can unknowingly be in a toxic relationship because everything looks okay on the surface. So, how do you know you are in a relatioship that is toxic? What are the signs you should look out for?

  1. Your partner doesn’t respect you.

If your partner doesn’t respect you or do things without giving a damn about how you feel, that is a red flag you should always look out for to locate the exit door. A partner that doesn’t inform you they were in town, came and disappeared silently without notifying you doesn’t give you any regards.

  1. Your partner gets mad easily for no reasonable reason.

If your partner can’t put his/her temper under control even when dealing with you, you need to start asking yourself if you really want to be in that r/ship.

You go collect hot slap one day. An excessive hot-tempered person is a ticking bomb.

  1. Your partner spends more time with their friends than they spend with you.

Make your research and you will find out that over 60% of failed relationships (and marriages) depend on the influence of a third party—usually a friend or a family member. A partner who prefers the company of a friend to yours has every tendency to abuse you… especially when that friend is an opposite sex (that could be your indirect competition).

  1. You do more of the calling, loving and attention giving.

R/ship should be a “give and take” affair…it should be a two-way thing. If you are the one making most of the effort to make the r/ship work out, my dear, you are in a situationship. Always being on the giving end will not only affect your bank account, it will affect your emotions as well.

  1. Your partner hardly tells you how he/she truly feels.

Being close-minded is a difficult thing to deal with. “Communication is key” they say. When your so called partner stops communicating with you, this is the beginning of the end of that r/ship. When two people start liking each other, they start communicating more…when the communication starts dwindling, the feelings start fading.

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