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Airtel Partnership Significantly Boosts Students’ Exam Performance, Says Roducate CEO

Lagos, Nigeria; Monday, 10th June 2024 – Airtel Nigeria and Roducate have achieved significant progress since the launch of the Airtel-Roducate Exam Success Bundle. The details of this partnership’s advancements were disclosed during an exclusive interview with Roducate’s Chief Executive Officer, Femisola Awosika.
The collaboration between Roducate, a leading edtech startup in Nigeria, and Airtel, a telecommunications juggernaut, has not only led to a quantifiable improvement in exam success rates but has also demonstrated the power of collective efforts in transforming the country’s educational landscape. Leveraging Airtel’s extensive network capabilities, Exam Bundle connects thousands of students to digital learning platforms students for quality educational content and interactive learning tools.
During the media chat, Awosika shared insights into the testimonials from users of the Airtel-Roducate educational product, stating, “We have received great feedback from students, teachers, and parents on how resourceful the Exam Success bundle has been and the impact it has had on students’ performance.”
He added: “We received a remarkable story of an elderly man who gave the study pack to his driver’s son and returned shortly after JAMB exams filled with thanks and praises to his boss for helping his son finally pass JAMB after two prior unsuccessful attempts. We also have a user who described Airtel Exam Success as having his whole academic life in his pocket. That’s the whole idea of the Airtel-Roducate partnership; making educational success a reality for Students.”
Reiterating the benefits of strategic partnerships for educational advancement, Awosika said, “Our collaboration with Airtel has been incredibly successful so far. Telecom providers like Airtel are crucial in making education accessible to everyone and with Airtel’s extensive network, we can reach students in even the most remote areas of Nigeria. As we gear up for upcoming exams each year, our goal remains the same; to advance humanity and help students succeed in all their examinations.”
Ultimately, concluded Awosika, the Airtel-Roducate Exam Bundle is set for a brilliant future with students and their parents, especially as the partnership between the two tech companies continues. “We will continue to leverage our partnership with Airtel as we explore more bundled educational solutions that would significantly enhance the learning experience of students across all levels of the educational sector,” he said.
The Airtel-Roducate Exam Success Bundle’ is a groundbreaking product that offers data packages on the Airtel network, granting students affordable and convenient access to premium exam preparation resources via the Roducate digital education platform. This innovative solution is instrumental in decreasing failure rates in national examinations including Common Entrance, GCE, BECE, JAMB and others, and removing barriers to higher education.
As the Airtel-Roducate partnership continues to evolve, both organizations remain committed to empowering learners across Nigeria. By harnessing the power of digital platforms and mobile connectivity, they are transforming the educational landscape and shaping the destinies of countless students.

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