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Five ways to spot a s*x addict or know if you are one

The natural human need for sex makes having a strong libido entirely natural and healthy, but there is a breaking point where healthy sexual desire can become uncontrollable.

The distinction between loving sex and sex addiction is clear. One can control a normal sexual appetite and it is disappointing but not disastrous if sex is not available.

The trending story on Twitter of a young man who solicits nudes, only to publish them without consent and has live videos of himself having sex with others reminds us of the dangers of sex addiction.

What are the signs of a sex addict?

1. People are used as tools by sex addicts

They view people are objects to satisfy their sexual cravings. Sex addicts are masters at deceit, fabrication, and making shallow promises.

To get what they want, they would emotionally blackmail other people and do whatever it takes to persuade their victims to comply with their requests because they constantly need to satiate their sexual cravings.

2. They love drama

Drama is an addiction for sex addicts, and their lives are constantly in peril. Life becomes essentially unmanageable whether it is their jobs, relationships, finances or health.

The absolute sexual preoccupation causes these people to spend all their free time planning, pursuing, and covering up their addiction to sex. As a result, they have no time left for anything else. The vicious cycle of drama and turmoil keeps repeating itself.

3. Sex addicts crave dangerous sex

Their sexual cravings are irrepressible, and they frequently act out in more extreme ways than they had initially anticipated. They have no limits, no lines or boundaries they can’t cross.

Sex addicts become desirous of riskier or more intense sexual behaviour as their addiction worsens, and they are unable to control their urges. They develop an obsession with the intensity of sex, and are fueled by risk-taking behaviour but they never feel content no matter how far they go.

4. Sex addicts masturbate a lot

Masturbating excessively is a daily habit for sex addicts. These people masturbate in the morning, afternoon, and evening and it doesn’t matter where they are, they would make time to masturbate.

5. Sexual addicts lead two lives

Sex addicts are essentially two individuals living two separate lives. They can only maintain their addiction as a part of their hidden lives, but nothing is hidden for long until it negatively affects every element of their lives, including their relationships, finances and, careers.

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