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Interesting! Pregnant lady seeks buyer for unborn baby


Doctors at the National Hospital in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja were contacted by a pregnant woman who only wanted to be known as Chinaza in order to find a buyer for her unborn child.

The 23-year-old woman moved out of her parents’ Imo State home to live with a friend in Lagos State after finding out she was pregnant.

Chinaza friend’s home was later demolished, according to a hospital source who talked with our correspondent on Monday, who also stated that they both moved to Abuja.

A pregnant woman who intended to sell her unborn child visited the hospital over the weekend, according to the source.

She claimed she became pregnant accidentally and moved away from her parents’ home in Imo State to stay with a friend in Lagos State.

She claimed that when she was living with her friend, their home was destroyed, and they had to go to Abuja to live with her friend’s uncle.

They were later ordered to leave after her uncle’s landlady complained about the quantity of people occupying the apartment, according to her.

She claimed to have asked a woman she met in Utako, Abuja, for assistance when she was lost and received N500 in return.

She claimed the woman instructed her to visit the hospital and report whatever was going on.

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