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Oniduro Mi – Tope Alabi, Speaking For The Devil


Kehinde Adeleye

I listened carefully to the ministration of self acclaimed evangelist , a supposed role model, preacher of love , speaks so much with venom against the viral song of Adeyinka Alaseyori ” Oniduro Mi”.

Oniduro in Yoruba simply means a guarantor, according to Oxford learner’s dictionaries
a guarantor is “a person who agrees to be responsible for someone or for making sure that something happens or is done”.

Tope in a viral video going round with passion was of the opinion that there are some songs that needs to be digested when holy spirit inspire someone, directly relegating Adeyinka Alaseyori “Oniduro mi”.

Nigerian’s are left astonished with Tope Alabi ministration, while many have berates her , Tope Alabi needs to be reminded of where she was coming from, Who was God of Ajanaku? What transpired in the Past and where she started from?

If God doesn’t stand as a guarantor for someone, who else Should? Even the bible acknowledges that whatsoever God says he’ll do, definitely he’ll, so if God decides to be one’s guarantor in sickness, debt, death, love, wealth and expectations, then who is Tope Alabi to think God will fail?

Tope Alabi recent outburst , is like a typical Nigeria politician pull down tactics, it can simply be characterised as envy and jealousy, and the “unexpected of a young Alaseyori rising to stardom”.

Tope Alabi intends to quench the burning fire, the raw talent, the spirit filled ministration, the love of people towards Alaseyori.

One should wonder the spiritual realm Tope Alabi is speaking from, and her own perspective of digesting , (adding and removing) the inspiration of the holy spirit, her bashing can be attributed to speaking for the devil.

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