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If a critical look is taken at the man Peter Obi following events that characterised the 2023 presidential elections, one will realise he is a man deficient in not just depth and integrity but also intelligence, and really a total misfit for leadership.

Obi who was governor of Anambra state was unable to turn around the fortunes of the state despite being in charge for eight years

Also, his inability to stick to APGA and build the party in the South Eastern state remains one of his greatest undoings.

One would have expected that a man like him who claimed to be intelligent, who was once robbed of electoral victory before being reinstated by the court will do everything possible to keep the legacy of the political party that gave him the structure wherewith he emerged.

Unfortunately for the short sighted Obi, he left APGA in 2014 and defected to the PDP, same party that stole his mandate earlier.

Indeed he has proven to be a good supporter of oppression, or how will a man become friends with the people who once took his mandate.

At that time the ACN was a regional party doing everything to take over Southwest politically and today, the man behind that, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is the President elect.

Many Obidients don’t know the true state of mind of Peter Obi while those who do decided to turn a blind eye that it does not matter.

Truth is those who knew him, understands perfectly that that he sees himself as always superior in all matter. The mass wave of support which has been symbolized largely by youths would have had themselves to blame if peter Obi had emerged Nigeria president.

For a man who sees himself as the only saint in the Nigeria politics, he is the only perfect individual, as he clearly displayed reeling fake figures during interview shows. It’s obvious he is only out to deceive gullible Nigerians and not for meaningful impact, like he failed in Anambra.

Obi will boast that he must personally manage everything and oversee every detail during his time as Anambra governor, no matter how small, is that not funny? Peter Obi should be go seek for president of Ghana or Togo if he can’t have trusted hands because such attitude will definitely lead to gridlocks in several areas of the state’s affairs.

Saint Peter as a Nigerian sees himself as superior to any other individual and this dates back to his tenure as Anambra state governor, where he spoke so highly of being detailed yet he was allegedly diverting over 250m security votes into his Pandora account .

The Labour candidate shouldn’t in anyway be regarded as a saint, as throughout his eight years tenure, he has nothing to show as governor of Anambra. Indeed his charade of becoming Nigeria president is more like trying to test the ground; Obi had betrayed his long term boss and benefactor in PDP, Atiku Abubakar and went head to contest against him for presidency but his ego, pride and inexperience cost the PDP the presidency ticket.

No wonder Obele Chuka who doggedly fought for the restoration of Obi’s mandate, a gesture which Obi himself admits, had this to say about him after seeing Obi for his true identity:

“Let me limit myself to issues of Anambra state for now. We have a crucial battle to rescue our people from the misgovernance of Governor Peter Obi of Anambra state- Nigeria.

” In Anambra, the present government did not only embargo employment, it is not also creating jobs it covenanted in his campaign brochures to use to fight crimes. The only attempt at creating jobs is the purchase of few mass transit mini buses and the terror machine known as Anambra State Traffic Agency (ASTA).

“Obi’s government unleashes the agency on hapless citizens to extort sundry illegal levies. ASTA and other Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) agents have constituted themselves into monsters which employ Gestapo tactics to terrify the citizens in the name of generating and hitting the N1billion monthly revenue benchmark set out by the state government.

“Health wise, the situation is alarming. Doctors in Anambra are on strike, the second time in 9 months. And our Governor says he does not know why they are strike. Only God knows the number of persons who have lost their lives as a result of the doctors’ strike. Primary health-care in the state has virtually collapsed, and that is part of the reason the doctors went on strike. Go to the General Hospital and see the huge fraud that Peter Obi calls kidney dialysis centre. The building is collapsing and no single equipment is there.

“People are trapped daily in horrible traffic snarls as a result of neglect of our road networks or shoddy rehabilitation of roads.

“The lives of Anambra citizens have become, if you do not mind, miserable, nasty and brutish.”

Conclusively, I think Peter Obi should focus more on trade instead of governance, as he has not been able to excel in both human management, leadership and governance in Anambra.

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