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Unruly Obidients, Peter Obi at War over Attacks on Eminent Nigerians


Many discerning Nigerians have described social media followers of Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, Mr Peter Obi, popularly called Obidients as unruly, ignorant, uncontrollably aggressive, abusive and intolerant of dissenting views.

The group is notorious for cyber bullying and mobbing, including descending in their millions on anyone with contrary views, with curse words, invectives and attacks.

These traits have been described as undemocratic and uncivilised especially for a group which has been calling for reforms in the nation’s leadership and introduction of fresh blood into governance in Nigeria.

During the build up to and after the general elections in Nigeria, Obidients in a very crude manner vehemently and publicly attacked not just all opponents of their Principal and other LP candidates but anyone who doesn’t agree with their wild views and unsubstantiated claims.

Though Mr Peter Obi who rode on the wave of the group to national prominence revelled in their support for himself and reckless attacks on other religious and political leaders, many people warned him publicly that his untamed wildings may turn their fangs on him too and that is already happening.

Miffed and frustrated by Obidients’ unwarranted attacks over flimsy issues on many respected personalities including the highly reverred Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Professor Wole Soyinka who was jailed during the military era in Nigeria for expressing views in support of Biafra secessionists and others, Mr Peter Obi has been going around on damage control apologising privately and publicly to the victims of his attack group, Obidients.

He was at Soyinka’s house a few days ago and he also issued a public statement in support of Adeboye.

In a statement, Obi said, “The use of subterfuge by people masquerading as Obidients to abuse and insult eminent personalities like Most Reverend Pastor Enoch Adeboye or anyone else is most unacceptable. Obidients are by and large, law-abiding citizens.”

But in a dramatic twist, his unruly pack of wolves descended on Peter Obi calling him unprintable names for the act.

According to them, the OBIdient Movement is different from other political groups that can be “gagged” by the power that be adding that it is not right for Obi to continue denouncing or apologising on their behalf.

“If they born you well (referring to Peter Obi) apologise again. It’s like you’re (unprintable). We have been receiving insults on your name but you’re now apologising on our behalf. Please stop it,” an angry supporter was quoted as saying on the space.

The development has confirmed what many have feared earlier that if Peter Obi doesn’t win and compensate the wild boys hailing him on social media, they will turn against him.

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